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Mohammed Ahmed, Country Club Middle School Teacher Faces Arraignment Hearing on Multiple Charges of Student Abuse



Miami-Dade County, FL – The courtroom at the Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building fell into an uneasy silence as Mohammed Ahmed, a 28-year-old civics teacher at Country Club Middle School, stood before Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Richard Hersh for his arraignment hearing. The proceedings shed light on the grave allegations of student abuse that Ahmed faces, sending shockwaves through the community and raising urgent concerns about student safety.

Ahmed’s arrest on April 17 reverberated through the education system when he was apprehended on three charges: offenses against students by authority figures, tampering with a witness, and child abuse. The arrest marked a turning point in an investigation conducted by diligent police officers who uncovered a disturbing pattern of behavior by Ahmed. After spending four days in custody, Ahmed was released on April 21 upon posting a $22,500 bond.

However, as the legal process advanced, prosecutors made the decision to focus solely on the charges of offenses against students by authority figures—a second-degree felony. During a hearing on Tuesday, Judge Hersh reduced Ahmed’s bond to $7,500 in light of the narrowed charges.

The allegations against Ahmed paint a troubling picture of his conduct within the walls of Country Club Middle School. The investigation uncovered instances where Ahmed abused his position of authority to engage in inappropriate behavior with a student, causing emotional distress and potential long-term harm. Such actions not only breached the trust bestowed upon educators but also violated the sanctity of the classroom.

According to the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department, Ahmed’s illicit relationship with the victim began in September 2022. As a teacher, Ahmed had a position of authority and trust, which he is accused of abusing to manipulate and exploit the young boy. The arrest report revealed a series of troubling incidents that took place within the school premises.

It is alleged that Ahmed allowed the victim to skip classes, ensuring they could spend unsupervised time alone together in his office. He went to great lengths to favor the student, providing him with special privileges such as allowing him to change into his physical education uniform in his office. Shockingly, Ahmed even completed the student’s math homework for him, blurring the lines between teacher and student.

Ahmed’s disturbing actions extended beyond the classroom. He showered the victim with attention, throwing him a birthday party at the school and giving him gifts. A photograph of the boy was prominently displayed on Ahmed’s desk, indicating the intensity of his fixation on the student. The arrest report also revealed that Ahmed sent text messages to the boy, warning him not to disclose their interactions and attempting to influence his testimony.

Further investigations into Ahmed’s conduct uncovered a deeply troubling pattern of inappropriate conversations between him and the student on various social media and gaming platforms. The teacher discussed explicit topics, providing graphic descriptions of sexual satisfaction and using highly questionable language. These findings not only reinforced the seriousness of the allegations against Ahmed but also raised concerns about his interactions with other students.

With the focus now narrowed to the offenses against students by authority figures charge, the court proceedings will center on holding Ahmed accountable for his alleged misconduct. This charge, standing as a symbol of the serious allegations, serves as a pivotal step in seeking justice for the victim and providing reassurance to the community that such actions will not go unpunished.

As Ahmed’s defense attorney, Jude Faccidomo, prepares to present arguments during the arraignment hearing, the courtroom remains tense with anticipation. The outcome of this crucial stage in the legal process will determine the trajectory of the case and the potential consequences Ahmed may face if found guilty.

Amidst this somber affair, the community reflects on the importance of safeguarding the well-being of students within educational environments. It serves as a reminder of the critical role entrusted to educators in protecting and nurturing young minds. The Miami-Dade County School District, deeply troubled by the allegations, swiftly took action to remove Ahmed from the school setting upon being made aware of the claims. The district is committed to ensuring that such incidents are thoroughly investigated, and individuals responsible are held accountable.

As the community awaits justice for the victim, there is a renewed call for vigilance in creating a safe and nurturing environment for all students, where trust is not compromised, and their educational journeys can thrive without fear.

Last Known Contact Information

Address: 10391 SW 138th Ct Miami, FL 33186
Phone: 786-238-7837

Court Information

Case Number: 13-2023-CF-007784-0001-XX


Kareem Spann, Louis Armstrong Middle School Teacher Arrested for Sexual Misconduct with Students



A former teacher at Louis Armstrong Middle School in Sherman Oaks has been arrested and charged with sexual misconduct involving multiple students. Kareem Spann, a 46-year-old resident of Burbank, pled not guilty to the charges of lewd act on a child and child molesting. The arrest came after the Los Angeles Police Department received reports from students about ongoing inappropriate sexual contact by Spann during his time as an eighth-grade teacher at the school.

According to investigators, Spann allegedly initiated inappropriate communication with a student in April, leading to grooming and eventually unlawful touching. Additionally, another charge involves a separate incident during lunchtime on school property in April, with a different child as the victim. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office is prosecuting the case.

Spann had been employed at Louis Armstrong Middle School during the 2022-2023 academic year. The LAPD is currently conducting an investigation and encourages any potential additional victims to contact law enforcement at 818-374-5415.

District Attorney George Gascon expressed the importance of protecting children from abuse or exploitation, stating, “These types of crimes against vulnerable students are sickening and a violation of trust.”

Spann is scheduled to appear in court on June 21 for further proceedings. He remains in custody, and his bail is set at $120,000.

In response to the incident, the Los Angeles Unified School District issued a statement emphasizing their immediate actions upon receiving concerns from the school community. They promptly contacted the police, removed Spann from campus pending investigation results, and provided counseling support to affected students.

Authorities believe there may be additional victims and are urging anyone with information to come forward. The community is shaken by the incident, as they strive to ensure the safety and well-being of their students.

Last Known Contact Information

Address: 15111 Burbank Blvd Apt 104 Van Nuys, CA 91411
Phone: 314-436-3105

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Thomas Boykin, Mansfield Teacher Accused of Assaulting Wife and Shooting Children



Mansfield, Texas — A Mansfield teacher, Thomas Boykin, has been fired from his position at Linda Jobe Middle School in the Mansfield Independent School District (MISD) following a disturbing domestic incident that unfolded on Tuesday, May 16, 2023. The incident involved an alleged assault on Boykin’s wife, Amy Boykin, who serves as an Assistant Principal within the Mansfield ISD, followed by the shooting of his 13-year-old son and 21-year-old stepdaughter. The incident, which occurred at their residence on Arabian Court, has sent shockwaves through the community.

Thomas and Amy Boykin

Upon receiving a shooting call, the Mansfield Police Department swiftly responded to the scene. Officers arrived to find Thomas Boykin, a 52-year-old male, inside the residence, where he was apprehended without incident. The authorities immediately attended to the two victims, who had suffered apparent gunshot wounds. Mansfield medics transported them to Medical City Arlington for urgent medical care. Both victims underwent surgery overnight and are now in a serious but stable condition.

MISD promptly took action upon learning of the incident, placing Thomas Boykin on leave pending further investigation. The subsequent decision by the MISD Board of Trustees to terminate Boykin’s teaching contract was unanimous. The district, in a statement, expressed its strong stance against such behavior within their educational institutions and wider community, extending their thoughts and support to the victims.

Thomas Boykin now faces multiple charges, including three counts of Aggravated Assault Family Violence Serious Bodily Injury. He remains in custody at the Tarrant County Jail, with bond set at $900,000. Meanwhile, detectives from the Mansfield Police Department continue to investigate the circumstances leading up to the shooting, aiming to shed light on the motivations behind this tragic event.

The news of this distressing incident has had a profound impact on the Mansfield community, leaving many concerned about the safety and well-being of local families. The involvement of Amy Boykin, Assistant Principal at MISD, has further heightened attention and raised questions about the dynamics within the family. However, the focus remains on supporting the victims and ensuring their recovery.

Recognizing the financial strain that medical expenses can bring, a friend of the family has established a CashApp link through New York Avenue Church of Christ to facilitate donations for the ongoing medical care of Boykin’s son and stepdaughter.

The Mansfield Police Department, along with MISD, urges the community to come together and support the affected family and the wider MISD community during this challenging time.

Last Known Contact Information

Address: 3 Arabian Ct Mansfield, TX 76063
Phone: 214-957-0972

Arrest Information

Booking Number: 1012036

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Kyle W. Banner, Toms River Intermediate North Teacher Accused of Taking Explicit Photos in Classroom



Toms River, NJ – Kyle W. Banner, a 48-year-old history teacher from Ocean County, has been arrested and is facing multiple charges, including child endangerment and official misconduct. The arrest has sent shockwaves through the Toms River Regional School District, leaving administrators, parents, and students in a state of disbelief and disgust.

The allegations against Banner came to light on April 23, 2023, when administrators at Toms River Intermediate North received reports of explicit photographs posted on his public Twitter profile. Upon investigation, authorities discovered that Banner had taken the pornographic images within his own classroom at Toms River Intermediate North. Shockingly, students at the school had accessed the images on his Twitter account.

The Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, in collaboration with the Special Victims Unit, High Tech Crime Unit, Toms River Township Police Department Detective Bureau, and Ocean County Sheriff’s Office Crime Scene Investigation Unit, launched a thorough investigation into the matter. Their efforts led to the discovery of additional evidence, including inappropriate photographs sent by Banner to a student via Snapchat in October 2022. Detectives also recovered numerous images depicting Banner engaging in sexual conduct with himself within his classroom.

Banner, a resident of Brick Township, turned himself into the Toms River Township Police Department on May 23, 2023. He is currently being held at the Ocean County Jail, awaiting a detention hearing. As a result of his arrest, Banner has been suspended without pay from his teaching position at both Toms River Intermediate North and Ocean County College.

The news of Banner’s alleged misconduct has left the Toms River Regional School District shaken. Superintendent Michael Citta expressed deep concern and disappointment over the incident, emphasizing the district’s commitment to providing a safe learning environment for students. The district took immediate action upon learning of the allegations, suspending Banner and reporting the matter to the appropriate authorities. Citta assured parents that measures would be put in place to prevent a recurrence of such behavior and offered support to anyone affected by the incident.

Ocean County College also took swift action, removing Banner from the classroom following their awareness of the investigation. Jan Kirsten, the executive director of college relations at Ocean County College, affirmed the institution’s full cooperation with law enforcement throughout the process.

Investigations into Banner’s online presence revealed that he maintained multiple social media accounts, some under pseudonyms, through which he regularly interacted with students. Detectives uncovered a LinkTree list that contained links to various accounts, including Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, OnlyFans, and a dating site. Authorities confirmed the presence of explicit photos on Banner’s Twitter account, which has since been deleted. In addition, TikTok videos posted by Banner showcased glimpses of his personal life, including his dog and cooking, interspersed with class-related content. Detectives discovered that Banner had engaged in discussions and interactions with students through the TikTok platform.

The Toms River Regional School District has a written policy governing staff’s use of social media, which explicitly outlines the parameters for teachers’ interactions with students. The policy strictly prohibits any communication with sexual content or attempts to establish personal relationships beyond professional responsibilities.

Prosecutor Bradley D. Billhimer urged parents to have open conversations with their children if they had Banner as a teacher, emphasizing the importance of creating a safe space for them to share their experiences. He also encouraged anyone with additional information regarding the investigation to come forward and assist in the case.

Last Known Contact Information

Address: 495 Mantoloking Rd Brick, NJ 08723

Arrest Information

Booking Number: 15-226267

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