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While students have been subjected to heinous crimes by publically funded educators for many years. The silence of these horrific abuses inflicted on the most innocent was finally broken during the trial of Debra Lafave. Sadly given her appearance many had joked “I wish she was my teacher” and other such statements. What individuals do not see is that despite boyhood sexual fantasy and the appearance of a criminal perpetrator the underlying trauma of sexual abuse will last years. Research has been published on the underlying and overwhelming trauma of these inflicted students who succumbed to these predators in a position of authority. This research is available on the research page.

While the trauma is heinous so is the justice system that does not assign the appropriate level of punishment to these scum bags. Even more so it is found that when the perpetrator is attractive the punishment is generally far less than what should be provided. This was the case in the Debra Lafave trial. For that reason and the only reason we assign a Guilt or Innocence rating to each of these scumbags is by their physical appearance. It is not a comment on if we think what they did was wrong but it is an absurdity that we are highlighting as has become the norm in our so-called justice system.

For any who questions publishing last known contact information. All information contained within articles is publically available information. If you are a scumbag teacher you should leave them kids alone!

In the event you have questions please utilize the contact us page.


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