Arin Hankerd, Atlantic High School Teacher Arrested on Multiple Charges of Misconduct with Students



Port Orange, FL – A disturbing case of alleged inappropriate relationships between a high school teacher and students has rocked Volusia County, Florida. Arin Hankerd, a teacher and coach at Atlantic High School, was arrested on multiple charges following an intensive investigation conducted by law enforcement agencies.

The alarming report reached the Port Orange police, who were informed of an inappropriate sexual relationship between a 15-year-old student and a teacher at Atlantic High School. Promptly responding to the seriousness of the allegations, authorities launched a thorough investigation into the matter. The investigation culminated in the execution of a search warrant at Arin Hankerd’s residence on Sunday, leading to his subsequent arrest.

Arin Hankerd, who serves as a gym teacher and football coach, stands accused of engaging in an illicit relationship with the student that began in early January and persisted until recently. Further inquiries revealed that Hankerd had also taught at other educational institutions in Volusia County, including Mainland High School and Father Lopez Catholic High School.

The news of the teacher’s arrest has sent shockwaves throughout the Volusia County Schools community. The district promptly released a statement in response, announcing the immediate and indefinite suspension of Hankerd pending the outcome of the investigation. Emphasizing their unwavering commitment to the safety and security of students and staff, the district pledged their full cooperation with local authorities to ensure a thorough and comprehensive inquiry.

Arin Hankerd now faces a litany of criminal charges and currently remains in custody at the Volusia County Jail, with bail set at $115,000. As the investigation continues, authorities are urging anyone with pertinent information to come forward and assist the Port Orange police in their pursuit of justice.

In an unexpected turn of events, it has been brought to light that Hankerd had previously faced allegations of similar misconduct. A courageous 21-year-old woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, has bravely stepped forward to share her own experience with Hankerd. She disclosed that she had been involved in an “unofficial” relationship with Hankerd during her senior year at Mainland High School in 2018, shedding light on the extent of their relationship and the emotional manipulation she endured.

Supporting the woman’s account, additional former students have come forward, corroborating her claims and recounting rumors of inappropriate behavior exhibited by Hankerd during their time at Mainland High School. These allegations include Hankerd flirting with students, going on dates with them, and making inappropriate comments. It is disconcerting to learn that such reports circulated within the student community, yet no significant action was taken to address the misconduct until now.

The arrest of Arin Hankerd has sparked intense scrutiny regarding the response and handling of such allegations by the Volusia County School Board. Concerns have been raised regarding any prior disciplinary measures taken against Hankerd and whether sufficient safeguards were in place to protect students from predatory behavior.

The school board has thus far refrained from commenting on Hankerd’s disciplinary history. However, in a statement released on social media, they confirmed that Hankerd had resigned his position after meeting with school officials at the local jail, underscoring their continued dedication to cooperating fully with law enforcement agencies throughout the investigation.

This troubling case serves as a sobering reminder of the utmost importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of students within educational institutions. It has prompted a renewed call for enhanced vigilance and proactive measures to protect students from individuals who may seek to exploit their vulnerability.

As the investigation proceeds, authorities remain resolute in their determination to uncover the full extent of Arin Hankerd’s alleged misconduct and provide justice for all victims involved. The Volusia County Schools community stands united in its commitment to learn from this incident, implement necessary safeguards, and foster an environment where every student feels safe, supported, and free from harm.

Last Known Contact Information

Address: 24 Baymeadow Ct. Ormond Beach, FL 32174
Phone: 517-474-1028

Arrest Information

Booking Number: 1123347

Court Information

Case Number: 2023 302492 CFDB and 2023 300739 CFDB

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