Jennifer Leja, Nevada Middle School Teacher Sparks Controversy with TikTok Videos Criticizing White People and Education



Jennifer Leja, an educator at Hyde Park Middle School in the Clark County School District, is under scrutiny after a series of TikTok videos she posted garnered attention for their controversial content related to race theory. The videos, uploaded in October 2021, featured Leja expressing her views on various aspects of education and White individuals.

In one particular video, Leja can be seen singing along to lyrics that express support for statements such as “Dress codes are sexist,” “Education is inherently racist,” “History is white-washed,” and “White teachers are problematic.” Expanding on her criticism of White teachers, Leja, who identifies as White herself, explained that acknowledging the problem is crucial if there is any hope of addressing it.

During her TikTok rant, Leja called out the “White majority” in education and lamented how it influences everything from disciplinary actions and conflict resolution to textbooks and curriculum, asserting that a multicultural perspective is sorely lacking. She highlighted the need for increased representation of minority educators and encouraged BIPOC students to pursue higher education fields. Leja acknowledged that until these changes are made, White teachers in their current positions will continue to be considered problematic, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and continuous improvement.

In response to a critical comment accusing her of contributing to the failing education system, Leja fired back with song lyrics that conveyed her dismissive attitude toward the commenter’s opinions. On another occasion, when a user claimed that “white social studies teachers are the worst,” Leja responded by saying that teachers are either incredibly woke or woefully inadequate, leaving no room for a middle ground.

Not shying away from controversy, Leja labeled Christopher Columbus as a “Christian Colonizer,” expressing her strong opinion on historical figures. Furthermore, she asserted that the education system itself is racist, claiming that many of the mandated teachings perpetuate racial biases.

In a different video, Leja revealed her frustration at witnessing a fellow teacher misgendering a student, confessing that she was on the brink of confrontation over the matter.

At the time of reporting, neither the school district nor Leja has responded to requests for comment regarding the controversy sparked by her TikTok videos.

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