Michelle Pulizzi, Williamsport Area High School Special Education teacher accused of alleged sexual contact with a student



State police filed charges against a Williamsport Area High School teacher on September 30th for allegedly having sex with a student.

According to Trooper Matthew Miller, Michelle L. Pulizzi, 52, of Williamsport, is accused of criminal solicitation of sex with the student.

She is the third high school employee who has been detained in the past year on suspicion of making inappropriate contact with a student while doing work-related duties for the school. Both Christopher Yoder, 42, of 1725 Almond St., a former math teacher, and Roger Freed, 34, of 1131 Pleasant Hill Road, Cogan Station, the high school’s principal, are in court pending a variety of accusations.

The information first came to light in early June of this year when the former student, now in his early 20s, came forward to report “making out” with Pulizzi “inside her classroom during school hours,” the affidavit stated. The two “first knew one another during the 2016 school year when Pulizzi was his … teacher and was a great help to him. Pulizzi would stay after school and help him with … school projects,” the affidavit stated.

The alleged victim stated during the same interview with the detectives that Pulizzi “gave a 60-page booklet to him on how to get rid of a hickey” to him during the 2018-19 academic year. The boy claimed that Pulizzi, who was no longer his teacher, frequently stressed how missing his presence in her class was. He claimed that as their friendship developed, they spent more time together and discussed their personal relationships, according to a court filing.

The former pupil “explained how (on social media) the two engaged in sexual talks during his final year. He talked about how they communicated with each other by exchanging numerous nude pictures, videos, and messages. According to the affidavit, he clearly recalled Pulizzi giving him pictures of her privates. The former student admitted sending numerous photos and videos of him in the nude to the teacher, police alleged.

The affidavit stated that according to the victim, Pulizzi and he once retired to “a separate study” within her classroom where she allegedly started “making out” with him until they were “interrupted by a knock on the door.” In the document, it was stated that later that day, the student said that Pulizzi had instructed him “to come to her home during (the next) weekend” to engage in sexual behavior. According to authorities, the student admitted to the investigators that he declined the teacher’s invitation to visit her home.

Miller said that it was “probable” that Pulizzi’s phone had explicit chats and images in his reason for requesting a warrant to inspect it. According to the affidavit, this information is “likely that the phone contained nude photos and communications with the student. Such data would provide further confirmation that Pulizzi (allegedly) solicited the student to engage in sexual activity, which would constitute an institutional sexual assault” At the Montoursville barracks, the cellphone has been seized and is now locked up in an evidence locker. On Sunday night, there was no information available regarding what, if anything, the investigators discovered on the device.

In an interview with detectives in July, Pulizzi “confirmed that she got nude images from the former student (through social media) during his senior year,” Miller wrote in the affidavit.

Standing before District Judge Aaron S. Biichle, Pulizzi was charged and given a $75,000 bond. The date and time of her preliminary hearing before Biichle is October 13 at 1 p.m.

Michelle Pulizzi is still listed as an active teacher for the Williamsport Area High School on their website.

Last known contact information

Address: 298 Woodland Ave Williamsport, PA 17701
Phone: (570) 447-9323
Email: michellepulizzi@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michelle.pulizzi

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