Rachel E. Lasecki, Warren Area High School teacher sex abuse case advances after hearing



The Warren County School District teacher’s case has been transferred to the Court of Common Pleas after allegations of inappropriate behavior with a youngster in the district surfaced.

The charges against Rachel E. Lasecki, 26, of Warren, include two counts of corrupting juveniles, aggravated indecent assault without consent, unlawful sexual contact with a minor, and indecent assault without consent.

Before District Judge Raymond Zydonik, a preliminary hearing on the case was held on Wednesday in the afternoon.

The only witness who testified at the hearing was the claimed victim.

The student claimed that in September 2021, she and Lasecki became friends.

They would get together in a variety of settings, including “simply talk or go for drives” and “at the playground” when they were “just the two of us.”

She admitted in court that they occasionally smoked marijuana.

They visited a place not far from the alleged victim’s house on one occasion in October, she claimed.

At 11 or 11:30 p.m., “she took me up near my house,” the woman claimed. They drove, got out, strolled, sat down, and “smoked marijuana” out of a vape pen in a grassy area.

She reported that rain had begun. They spent a lot of time looking for the keys. “We were saturated,” she stated when they got back to the car.

She talked about the supposed sexual encounter she had with Lasecki.

The alleged victim was questioned by Assistant District Attorney Casey Strickland about whether she had ever agreed to any form of sexual contact.

No, she answered.

As Lasecki allegedly drove the alleged victim home, she allegedly apologized to her.

After the claimed event, Lasecki’s attorney Elizabeth Feronti questioned the alleged victim about her relationship with the defendant.

The alleged victim claimed that they spoke the following day.

Did you stay in touch with each other? Feronti enquired.

The accused victim said, “Yes.

She claimed that she kept the incident a secret from everyone until she notified a school social worker about it months later.

A preliminary hearing is intended to ascertain whether there is sufficient proof that a crime was committed and whether the defendant is most likely the one who committed it. It does not constitute a finding of guilt.

Zydonik said all charges would be bound over to the Court of Common Pleas.

Bail remained at $25,000 unsecured.

Last known contact information

Address: 223 Jefferson St Warren, PA 16365
Phone: (814) 779-8036

Court Information

Docket #MJ-37301-CR-0000090-2022
Case #CP-62-CR-0000256-2022

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