Nicholas Moseby, Diablo Vista Middle School biology teacher and cheerleading coach arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting girl, sending obscene video



According to court documents, a middle school teacher and cheerleading coach, 41, was detained on suspicion of abusing a juvenile student and giving her a pornographic video.

This week, Concord resident Nicholas Moseby was detained on suspicion of engaging in indecent behavior with a 15-year-old girl, providing pornographic material to a juvenile, and engaging in unauthorized communication with a minor. This week, Moseby is anticipated to face criminal charges from Contra Costa prosecutors.

Nicholas Moseby and Mindy Laituri

Moseby was detained after his alleged victim’s parents informed the police that he had given her a Snapchat video of himself masturbating. According to reports, the girl responded with disbelief and removed him from her list of friends. At cheerleading practice, Moseby “apologized in advance” for sending her a picture of his genitalia and added her as a friend. According to police, the exchange took place days later.

According to court documents, the girl admitted to police during an interview that Moseby sexually touched her while they were working out.

According to a San Ramon Valley Unified School District communication sent to parents, Moseby was placed on leave following his arrest. In the event if or when Moseby is charged, the email promises to send an update.

In a message to parents, a Nor Cal Elites official stated that Moseby was fired as soon as the company was informed of his arrest.

According to court documents, Moseby is being held in jail in lieu of a $200,000 bail and has not yet been assigned a lawyer.

Police claim that Moseby was previously detained in Arizona for allegedly selling alcohol to a juvenile, which should have prohibited him from becoming a teacher but didn’t appear on a background check. When school authorities ran Moseby’s fingerprints following his application for a job, the incident didn’t show up, according to investigators, because Moseby wasn’t fingerprinted after the 2009 arrest.

Nicholas Brandon

The earlier arrest was related to a New Year’s Eve celebration in Gilbert, Arizona, where Moseby is accused of purchasing wine for a 17-year-old girl who was friends with his then-girlfriend, an 18-year-old high school student who went to the institution where Moseby worked, at a Walmart. The 17-year-old told police that Moseby’s roommate at the time had attacked her sexually at the party after she had consumed alcohol. According to court documents, Moseby, who was in his late 20s at the time, was never charged and refuted the accusations.

On September 6, the claimed victim’s parents reported the Snapchat video to the police, which is when the most current accusations against Moseby surfaced. The girl said that Moseby messaged her on Snapchat and then showed her harmless videos of the facility where their cheering practices took place. She allegedly sent him a photo of herself wearing a hooded sweatshirt after he allegedly requested one of her in pajamas later on.

He allegedly replied by writing, “booty?” in the message. She would subsequently tell police that she took this to mean that he desired a photograph of her butt. She told authorities Moseby massaged her butt for “approximately 60 seconds” during a cheering session during the same interview. She claimed that after getting the pornographic film, she stopped speaking to him.

According to court documents, police executed search warrants at Moseby’s residence and seized a thumb drive, his phone, an iPad, and other electronic equipment. These things are still being examined.

Last known contact information

Address: 1506 Lucky Dr Concord, CA 94519
Phone: (916) 813-1302

Jail Information

Booking #: CC22NG842

Court Information

Case #: 01-22-01583
Case #: D22-03708 – Restraining Order

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