Deshena Halliburton, Macon County High School special education teacher arrested for narcotics



After first responders and deputies were called to a home on Haydenburge Ridge Road on August 4, a special education teacher at Macon County High School is now being charged with narcotics offenses.

EMS and police discovered a woman on her bed who was unconscious but still breathing. According to the report, the room had several pill bottles and a lot of pills.

Whitleyville resident Deshena D. Halliburton, 37, was transported to the ambulance. EMS personnel stated that after giving her Narcan in the ambulance, she got better. The two officers went back to the residence and asked to be allowed to search it. According to the sheriff’s department report, Halliburton’s mother gave her permission for the search.

According to authorities, several tablets were discovered, some in labeled packaging and others without. When police checked a backpack, they discovered something that they believe to be heroin.

EMS offered extra medical care, but Halliburton declined it. Halliburton was then taken into custody and taken to a jail.

The drugs and tablets underwent testing at the jail. In addition to baclofen pills, confirmation of heroin and fentanyl was also made. The report also mentions finding hydrocodone.

In addition to being in possession of legend drugs, Halliburton was also found in possession of schedule I and schedule II substances.

Her detention was under a $10,000 bond. On August 5, she was released.

Last known contact information

Address: 460 Haydenburg Ridge Rd Whitleyville, TN 38588
Phone: (615) 699-2074
Email: sehalliburton@gmail.com

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