Amber Parker, Franklin High School English teacher telling students ‘don’t judge people for wanting to have sex with 5-year-olds’



A Texas teacher was fired when it was discovered that she had been recorded telling students to refer to minor-attracted persons rather than pedophiles.

English teacher Amber Parker, 53, of Franklin High School in El Paso was let go after making the remarks in front of the students, which were recorded on camera and afterwards posted to social media.

Stop calling them that, the teacher is heard addressing the children in the 18-second film that was uploaded to TikTok.

‘You’re not allowed to label people like that. Stop it, Diego. We’re not gonna call them that.’ She goes on to say ‘We’re gonna call them MAPs, minor-attracted persons. So don’t judge people just because they wanna have sex with a five-year-old.’

The event, which happened last week, was promptly reported to the school district. An inquiry was then started, which initially resulted in Parker’s suspension.

Following Parker’s divisive comments, the board of trustees of the El Paso Independent School District, presided over by Superintendent Diana Sayavedra, unanimously decided to terminate her.

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