Justin Everett Kerscher, Pleasant Hill High School coach faces multiple sex crime charges with student



Pleasant Hill High School’s former football coach/paraprofessional is facing many counts for suspected sexual activities with a kid.

Justin Everett Kerscher, 29, of Kansas City, was charged with numerous charges of second-degree statutory sodomy, having sexual contact with a student, attempting to give pornographic material to a juvenile, and second-degree sexual trafficking of a child in Cass County this week.

The victim indicated that she had many occurrences of sexual contact with Kerscher from November 2021 until the beginning of May 2022, according to court papers.

According to the victim, the two had exchanged numerous naked images on social media.

On May 5, Kerscher was suspended from school and warned not to contact any employees or kids. According to court documents, when he graduated from high school, he contacted the victim and requested that he be removed off Snapchat.

Kerscher and his wife Nicole Riddle

According to the victim, she would email Kerscher embarrassing videos of herself, which made her uncomfortable, but she did it because she was afraid he would be angry with her.

According to court papers, the victim also claimed Kerscher informed her he was moving to Pleasant Hill so she could be with him, which she said worried her and that she was not going to stay with him. Kerscher began to exert control over the victim’s ideas, feelings, and actions, according to the victim. She felt compelled to agree to things in order for him to stop talking about it because if she refused, he would continue to question her until she consented.

According to court papers, the suspect hid his vehicle in the victim’s residence while her parents were out of town.

The victim said even after all these events he would still high five her in the hallway at school and would grab her hand in front of multiple people.

Kerscher is being held on a $500,000 cash-only bond.

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