Nicholas Wright, DeWitt High School History Teacher and Coach Arrested for Sex Crimes Involving a Student



A teacher in the DeWitt School District has been arrested and suspected of sex crimes involving a student, according to police in the small Arkansas County town of DeWitt.

Nicholas Wright, 24, will face formal charges against him on Monday, according to the DeWitt Police Department. The allegations against Wright were not disclosed by DPD Chief Steven Bobo.

The encounter that led to the claims, according to Bobo, did not occur at the school.

Due to Wright’s position at the school, investigators made sure to act fast in the case, according to the chief.

The DeWitt School District has been informed of the arrest and Wright has been placed on paid administrative leave, according to officials.

Wright is listed as a history teacher and coach on the district website.

Last known contact information:
Address: 1220 W 16th St De Witt, AR 72042

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